Mixing Services 

The Service allows you to have your songs mixed by a professional Mixing & Mastering Engineer and obtain downloads of the mixed & mastered songs “tracks” from our service. To access this Service, you will need to first pay in full using our checkout system.

The delivery date is an estimate and not a guarantee, but in most cases we deliver our mix within the agreed delivery time from the day you upload the complete set of needed files.

If you want to be taken serious you need to be professional. And nothing says Professional like a quality professional Mixed & Mastered recording. Record Labels and A&R’s love to see this, It shows that you care about your craft and you do things the right way to succeed. 

The Process 

Quick Start Guide

  • Name tracks
  • Remove effects (equalizer, reverb, delay, compressor, limiter)
  • Pro tools Sessions or consolidate files if other DAW (starting from start to finish)
  • export WAV-/AIFF-format only (24 bit preferred)
  • Please provide a rough mix and a couple of reference songs
  • It’s very important to note that the quality of the final product ultimately relies on the files that are sent in to be mixed. This means that the vocal performance, delivery, energy and recording quality should be the best it possibly can be.

1. Get In Touch

Describe your project, your vision, your schedule and select your package (contact us for bundle deals).


Upload your files including mix notes via WeTransfer, google drive or dropbox. This is so we can receive large compressed zip files safe and secure as well as having a record of it. Files must be labeled and organized for the engineer.

3.Payment & Order

We will revise your files, if we can work with your files we will send you an invoice based on the services that you´ve ordered. We Accept Paypal & All major Credit/Debit Cards

4.Turn-around time

Usually a project requires 3-5 business day turn-around time but in rare cases it may take longer depending the amount of orders we have. We will do my best to deliver your project on or before the expected delivery date.


Each mixing package includes up to 3 revisions free of any charge. The revisions phase is designed for minor adjustments to what was mentioned in the original mixing form.


Once You approve you’re main mix, we enter what is called “The Mix Lock” phase.  After this point there is no longer the option to have anything changed in the mix (without incurring additional fees), even if you still have not used up all revisions.

Services Details 

The initial mixing form is where any specific requests needs to be written in detail as this will be used as the guide by engineer when creating the mix.
  • On the word “baby” at 2:19 seconds, please add some delay like in my reference track.
  • I’d like autotune added to my lead vocal, but not adlibs
If after hearing the initial mix you have additional requests that were not specified in the initial mixing form, these are considered “Additions” and are not included in the initial service fee.  The engineer will quote you a price for such additions on a case by case basis.

This service is dedicated to Mixing and Mastering, any editing (including removal or addition) of instruments and/or vocals needs to already be done before track submission as this is considered to be part of the recording or production stage. If such a request is needed,  you’ll need to consult it with the engineer in advance to receive a price quote for the additional fee.

Each mixing package includes a certain amount of 3 revisions.
  • The revisions phase is designed for minor adjustments to what was mentioned in the original mixing form.
  • Turn around for revisions are 3 to 5 business days (Though are sometimes delivered sooner depending on the studio schedule)
  • Does not include adding any new instruction that was not mentioned in the original Mixing Form, arrangement changes: Things like creating drops, stop effects and mutes, new file submissions are not included (Vocal files or instrument files).

Radio Edit where the curse words are either muted or reversed.  You can specify if you have a preference of either of the two in your initial mixing form but If no mention is made, the engineer will decide which is best based on the word(s). Example: There are certain curse words that even when reversed still sound the same, in which case it will be muted while all others will be reversed.

We DO NOT offer refunds for services rendered by us.  Never the less we always make every effort to provide the customer with a product they are happy with.

Mixing+ packages comes with Mastering , but we offer mastering only services at an affordable price $50

Our service include: Analog EQ & Compression, Peak Limiting, Stereo Widening, Bass Enhancement, Loudness Maximization, Dynamic Expansion, Fades/Crossfades,Noise Reduction.

If you are looking to achieve a certain sound with your mix, something you heard from another artist then you may paste a reference link (from YouTube, Soundcloud etc.)

Mixing Packages 

Compare the mix packages to see which best fits your needs.

All Packages Includes: Vocal Tuning (Basic Pitch Correction) Eq, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Saturation, Stereo Imaging, Send Effects And More.

Standard Mix
The switcher are working. Please, note, that you have to add a template to the library in order to be able to display it inside the switcher.


  • Advanced Vocal Tuning
    Advanced Pitch Correction covers this process in much more detail. Manual pitch correction word by word.
  • Radio Edit (Add-on)
    Clean up profanity in your mixes for radio play removing swear word using basic cuts and effects.
  • Performance Edit (Add-on)
    Removes lead vocals for a mix that can be use for live performances.
  • Acapella Export
    A Mixdown track of the vocals only from your mix.
  • Instrumental Export
    A Mixdown track of the instrumental from your mix.
  • Processed Stems Export
    Receive the stems from your session mixed by us with all of our editing, processing, effects, automation and volume adjustments.
  • Each additional (Mixing) Stem
    For standard Mix, Advanced Mix & Supreme Mix Packages.